Plumbing Accessories

Bornquist compliments a complete line of domestic water pumps and water heaters with many plumbing accessories.


Expansion Compensations

Metraflex manufactures various style expansion joints for minimal residual stresses.  Features include:

• High corrugation
• High temperature applications
• Max pressure: 50-150 psi
• Maximum temperature: 850ºF
• Full vacuum rating

Pump Connectors

Metraflex also manufactures flexible pump connectors in non-ferrous materials for domestic water systems.

Pressure Reducing & Blending Valves

Cla-Val’s 90-01 valves are the industry standard in pressure reducing valves.  They are highly reliable and have superior performance with pressure control.

Cla-Val also manufactures pressure blending valves, and pressure sustaining and management valves ideal for high rise applications.  Bornquist engineers specialize in applying these valves correctly into these specialized buildings.

And beyond just sales, our Service Department is available 24/7. We maintain four fully stocked service vans, using factory certified technicians, to satisfy any emergency condition within our territory, while also performing warranty work and complete start-up for all equipment we sell.