Solar Heating Energy Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems

Bornquist is a leader in commercial solar hot water systems.  Apricus Evacuated Tube & Flat Panel Collectors are the baseline for commercial project design.

Bornquist separates itself in the market with Cemline SLR Water Heaters.  These are fully packaged water heaters with solar controls, tanks, heat exchangers, and pumps all on one integrated package.  The packaged systems reduce design, coordination and installation time.

Bornquist’s engineering expertise allows a completely customizable system suited perfectly for each building.  The engineers are able to walk through every step in the design process from heat modeling to piping layouts and equipment selection.


sun-cloudsWhat is a Solar Water Heater?

Solar water heaters use the solar energy from the sun to generate heat (not electricity) which can then be used to heat water for showering, space heating, industrial processes or even solar cooling.

Solar energy is the primary energy source for our planet as it is responsible for providing energy for plant growth (photosythesis) and providing the warmth that makes our planet habitable.

While solar water heater devices have been around for over 100 years, the last 20 years have seen significant advances in absorber coating technologies, resulting in solar collectors that can reliably convert >50% of available sunlight for domestic hot water supply.  A solar water heater is one of the most effective ways of cutting a household’s carbon footprint by reducing reliance on dirty fossil fuel usage. By offsetting the use of electricity, gas or heating oil, using solar water heaters can also provide financial savings by reducing energy costs.