Water Heaters – Electric

Bornquist is proud to be affiliated with Bock & Hubbell Water Heaters.


Bock’s nDurance heaters are commercial grade electric water heaters that extend from 6 up to 50 gallons.  These heaters have dual anode rods, and are available with suspension kits and leak monitoring.  Bock continues their electric water heaters with commercial heaters designed for up to 118 gallons in non-ASME configurations.


Hubbell Water Heaters cover a vast range of sizes and applications.  They begin at point-of-use tankless water heaters and continue to storage type units of any size and electric requirement.

Hubbell also extends to emergency shower heaters, kitchen booster heaters, and heat pump water heaters.  Hubbell’s cement lined tanks provide life spans averaging 38 years in the field, providing the best total ownership costs in the industry.