Heat Exchangers


Plate & Frame

brazed-plate-heat-exchangerGPX technology offers maximum efficiency in less space, with outstanding application flexibility. Innovative plate design allows GPX heat exchangers to provide more heat transfer using less space. They perform with one-third to one-fifth the surface area of conventional shell and tube heat exchangers designed for the same application. FEATURES AND BENEFITS GPX models have higher surface area to volume ratios than conventional shell and tube heat exchangers. GPX offer superior heat transfer coefficients compared to shell and tube heat exchangers. GPX offers “true” countercurrent flow, which maximizes the mean temperature difference between fluids.

Shell & Tube

SU Models through 14″ and WU models through 10″ diameter are carried in stock for immediate shipment.



The SU Heat Exchanger is an instantaneous type, designed to heat liquids with steam. No space-wasting, expensive storage tank is needed. Although the SU is used for heating many types of fluids, its widest application is for heating water. The SU can also be used as a converter for use with radiation, ra

diant panels and snow melting systems. Available in diameters 4″ through 30″.

Instantaneous water-to-water heat transfer — with pumped boiler water circulation. The WU, equipped with a Bell & Gossett Booster Pump, pumps boiler water through the shell, thereby greatly increasing the capacity of the heater. Large volumes of hot water are produced by an amazingly small unit. Sizes range from 4″ diameter through 30″diameter.

Unfired Steam Generators

CEMLINE Unfired Steam Generators are constructed and stamped in accordance with ASME code and bear the UB stamp as required by the ASME code. All vessels are registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and a compliance certificate is furnished. Unfired Steam Generators to generate steam 40 psig or greater will be 100% X-Rayed and heat treated in accordance the ASME code