Pipe Specialties


Expansion Compensations

Bellows expansion joint with hydroformed bellows for minimal residual stresses

• High corrugation
• High temperature applications
• Max pressure: 50-150 psi
• Maximum temperature: 850ºF
• Full vacuum rating


Pump Connectors

Flexible pump connector conditions flow at pump discharge

• Reduces discharge turbulence in fraction of space
• Hydrodynamic shaped vanes
• Protects valves immediately downstream of pump
• Equals 5-10 pipe diameter turbulence reduction
• Less pressure drop than 5-10 pipe diameter
• Vibration isolating pump connector

Strainers & Valves


Dramatic energy-savings with the re-engineered low-pressure-drop design (patent pending)

• 30% larger screen size
• Hundreds of dollars in energy-savings yearly
• Streamlined design means straight, smooth flow
• Maximizes NPSH
• 2-1/2 thru 12 inch, 125# and 250# cast iron
• More efficient pump performance