Novatronics Division

Our qualified team assembles, installs, and repairs a wide variety of programmable controllers and drives.

– Retrofitting Pumping Systems to Variable Frequency Drives
– Extended warranties up to ten years
– Base Mounted or In-Line Pumps
– Sensor-less or with sensors
– Energy savings analysis

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In response to your request, a Bornquist, Inc., Serviceperson will be dispatched to the above referenced location to examine the equipment upon confirmation with your contact listed above. The above referenced contact name will be contacted 24 hours before the scheduled time to confirm the appointment. Upon investigation of the equipment, our service people will make a determination if the equipment/part is Warranty or Non-Warranty, and they will proceed as follows:

  1. Warranty � When the equipment/part is deemed to be a valid Warranty claim, the Serviceperson will take the appropriate steps to replace or repair the equipment/part based on the Manufacturer�s Warranty Terms for the particular equipment/part.
  2. Non-Warranty � When the equipment/part is deemed to not be covered under the Manufacturer�s Warranty Terms, the Serviceperson will require a Purchase Order (PO) to proceed. A representative of BI will contact you in order to obtain a PO and authorization to proceed. (Our Service Department will be happy to provide a service estimate before proceeding in this situation, if required.) Without a PO and authorization to proceed from a responsible party, our Service people cannot and will not proceed. Furthermore, a Non-Warranty call will also deem a service charge for time and travel. This will be billed to you in cases where a PO is not provided.

If you are in doubt as to whether the equipment/part is actually going to be covered under Warranty, it is strongly recommended you provide Bornquist, Inc., with a PO at this time or before the time of the service call. The pre-provided PO will only be used in the case of a Non-Warranty situation. Pre-provided POs with special instructions are also an acceptable option.